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Fountain (:) Live

currently in development
Group 12_edited.png
underwater and surfacing. how are you feeling now?
what kind of bridge?
i can’t ignore the water
This durational work cycles through the FOUNTAIN  film and a dance score performed live.

Fountain (:) Live sees dance artists cycle through plural, interconnected, expansive, non-linear states; their dancing body amongst the symbolism and psycho-geography of water as inevitably linked to Black histories, embodiments, repair and mental health. Digital watery projections call in the significance of oceanic passages and the impacts of colonial carving up of water and selves within Black existences. 

This work is durational and performed on one hour loops. Audiences can enter and leave the space at any time.

Duration can vary per venue (1-3hrs)
Creative Process So Far
Festival TheaterFormen

We recently presented a work-in-progress sharing of Fountain (:) Live at Festival Theatreformen.
A medium tone Black woman and a Black British nonbinary movement artsits dance in a red lit room
Group 12_edited.png

Future Plans

We are looking for future research and development opportunities as well as partnering with theatres and galleries for an Autumn 2023 tour.

Do get in touch if you are interested in a conversation with Yewande 103 about this new immersive work.

People Involved

Creative Direction, choreography and concept by Alexandrina Hemsley
Executive Production: Nancy May Roberts 
Dance Artists: Alexandrina Hemsley, Rickay Hewitt-Martin and Rudzani Moleya 
Rehearsal Director: Rudzani Moleya 
Sound Design: David Archer and  João Caetano 
Costume Design: Abiola Onabule
Spatial Design: Yewande 103


“We’re really excited to present the UK's first preview of this beautiful new film by Yewande 103, the company founded by one of our associate artists, Alexandrina Hemsley. The preview takes place as part of Fountain (:) Live which will feature the Yewande 103 company bringing a thrilling physical presence to this poetic, urgent, and deeply moving work.”

(Matt Burman, Artistic Director Cambridge Junction)


Image credits: Andreas Greiner-Napp

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