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Access Templates

Yewande 103 have made these practical frameworks for artists and creative practitioners impacted and marginalised by disability and/or long term health conditions.

We offer them as  supportive ways to articulate access needs and encourage the sensitivity and financial support from project partners/institutions; vital aspects  for working environments and relationships in our sector to be caring and inclusive.

Our templates align themselves with an intersectional and social model of disability. 

Why are we asking for donations?

Our work prioritises reaching people who are affected by race and or health-based marginalisations; through our advocacy resources, our bereavement care packages and our work in community and social health settings and across our productions. Like other companies, our work is impacted by the context of limited funding and increased living and working costs. We hugely appreciate your donations to this work and your support goes a long way in supporting us to achieve our vision for the inclusion and equity of diverse voices within the cultural sector.

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