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FOUNTAIN Poster by Yewande 103



24th September - 30th October

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Picturehouse Cambridge - 24th September 

Picturehouse Hackney - 25th September  

Picturehouse Brighton - 8th October 

Picturehouse Norwich - 8th October 

Picturehouse Edinburgh - 15th October

Picturehouse @ FACT Liverpool - 22nd October 

Picturehouse Finsbury Park - 23rd October 

Broadway, presented as part of Nottdance - 27th October 

Picturehouse Ritzy Brixton - 30th October 



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we are all capable of flooding a room

water pressure reshapes us

whether from ecstasy or sorrow; when swimming, we are held by crying that hasn’t happened yet

Fountain blends dance and digital watery environments to explore tidal cycles of repair, loss, bereavement, joy and intimacy. This powerful work draws on the symbolism and psycho-geography of water as inevitably linked to Black histories, embodiments, experiences and mental health.
This film is 28 minutes.
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People Involved

Dance Artists: Rickay Hewitt-Martin, Rudzani Moleya, Shahada Nantaba


Concept, Creative Direction and Choreography: Alexandrina Hemsley

Executive Producer: Nancy May Roberts 

Rehearsal Director: Nathália Mello

Director of Photography: Ngozi Ugochukwu

Editor: Katarzyna Perlak 

Visual Effects, Editing and Colour Grading: Jack Barraclough


Costume Design: Abiola Onabule

Audio Description: Louise Dickson

Lighting Director: Caterina Castro Frigerio

Camera 1: Jack Barraclough

Camera 2: Rhiana Bonterre

Original Soundtrack: Dave Archer and João Caetano 

Mixing and Mastering: João Caetano 

Vocal improvisations: Jalen N’Gonda 

Sound Effects:

Recorded at Macau Records Studios, London


Fountain has been developed as part of LIVE NOW - a new digital commissioning programme from The Lowry


Additional commissioning support from Cambridge Junction and The Place (R&D)

Supported by Wainsate Dances Residency, 2021

Image credit: Jack Barraclough and Ngozi Ugochukwu


"Fountain is a glorious film foregrounding the tides of Black experiences, mental health and embodiments.  A vital testament to the multiplicities of Blackness in relationship to water and the tidal becomings of our pasts, presents and futures. A must see ..."
Hannah Azieb Pool, Artistic Director and CEO Bernie Grant Arts Centre
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