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An Anatomy of a Phoenix

A dance film with an intricate improvisation score
calling upon cycles of repair for processes of returning to intimacy
Group 12_edited.png
Outsider anger streams and mingles with my own.
Fractured into many knots, now surfacing unshakable.
Base chakra healing in the key of D
Dead pelvis. Dead breasts. A body trapped in time.
In April-May 2021, Yewande 103 were commissioned to curate a performance module for the entire Third Year BA students from Northern School of Contemporary Dance. We worked together on an image-based score that centred embodied multiplicity. This resulted in the film work ‘An Anatomy of a Phoenix’ and a publication including new dances, writings, photographs, films and collages by the students.

The movement score cycles through four stages: descent, burning, rising and flight, holding tensions between beginnings, endings and transformation.

This film is 18m27s.

Audio described and captioned versions available.

An Anatomy of A Phoenix
Group 12_edited.png
The score calls upon dancing as a process of making sense to ourselves, as active witnessing and listening. Phoenix’s live for 500 years, beyond human time…more like nature time, geological time, a reassuring amount of time in terms of personal growth, the processing of trauma and of time taken to heal, surface courage and processes of recovery.

Together we also made a group interactive publication centring multi-disciplinary practice through felt-level engagement across choreography, improvisation, text and advocacy. Please visit Yewande 103 Press for more info.

To book screenings for An Anatomy of a Phoenix, or any other Yewande 103 digital works please contact


Below are collages Alexandrina made as part of visualising and developing the movement score.