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Maelstrom Under Glass

A DadaFest Commission filmed during lockdown
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… You tear my body with a look… ruptured, refracted surfaces 
A sad, foggy reckoning. 
My hot rage. Bound, mute glass.
Maelstrom Under Glass, calls upon several strands of intimacy as pathways to trauma-healing to offer up dynamic spaces of repair. Alexandrina’s vivid, multidisciplinary layers of movement, bio-mythographical texts and collage speak to retrieving oneself from sites of harm. 

This film is 12m27s.

BSL, sound captioned and audio described versions available. 

To book screenings for Maelstrom Under Glass, or any other Yewande 103 digital works please contact
Group 12_edited.png

People Involved

Choreographed and performed by Alexandrina Hemsley
Text: Alexandrina Hemsley
Filming: Alexandrina Hemsley with support from David Archer and Katarzyna Perlak
Editing: Katarzyna Perlak
Sound Design: Rebekah Ubuntu
Production: Nancy May Roberts
BSL: Dionne Thomas and Diverse Signs
Captioning: David Archer and  Nancy May Roberts
Technical and Production support: DadaFest

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