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Our participatory workshops are a key part of our vision. They are based around improvisation, creative writing and discussion. Being in collective creative processes is a treasured space for us and a unique opportunity to assist in making sense of ourselves. 

We have delivered workshops at Body and Soul, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Trinity Laban, Independent Dance, Dance Ireland, London School of Contemporary Dance, Siobhan Davies Dance, Tottenham Literature Festival amongst others.
Group 14.png
A group of people stand in a line clapping.


Image credit: Siobhan Davies Dance Next Choreography Festival 2019, Photo by Gorm Ashurst

Group 14.png
A light-skinned Black persn with an afro sits on the floor. They are speaking into a microphone.


Image credit: Andreas Greiner Napp

Our workshops support participants to move and speak from their felt level experiences. The structures and methods that we put in place in the workshops support participants to be seen, heard and reflected back within the group environment. We draw upon the embodied and relational potentials of movement and dancing to facilitate this experience. Workshops are comprised of creative tasks and choreographic explorations.
Group 14.png
A person in a green top dances with their arms and left leg raised
Our workshops are taught by facilitators and dance movement psychotherapists with more than ten years of experience working with vulnerable groups. 
“It’s been like waves, ebbing & flowing, energy rising & falling. But all watering parchedness. Thank you”
(Participant, 2020)


Image credit: Siobhan Davies Dance Next Choreography Festival 2019, Photo by Gorm Ashurst

Our experienced practitioners  draw on dance’s capacity for non-verbal expression to foster community & relationship (to self & to one another) 
Group 14.png
A group of people in a room dance

Image credit: Zoe Manders 

Workshop Themes

Creative expression 

Finding ‘what matters’ within a range of depths

Multiplicity of sensation and expressions

Unfixing movement hierarchies 

(self and others)

Grounding, belonging and connectivity



We would love to collaborate with you in future workshop delivery, please do get in touch.

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