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Sword And Shield. Down. Down. Both Of Them Down.

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Cut to a horrific free-fall.
Indigo oceans.
Indigo galaxies.
She loses her mind.
The planet was silent.
Finally silent after all our incessant chatter and swiping left, right, wherever.
Sword And Shied. Down. Down. Both Of Them Down is an attempt to re-capture identities out of the clutches of the daily colonial frameworks which through their all pervasive nature, often force a hardening out of protection.

A sense of trying to carry on amidst all this fuckery and re-train a fearless vulnerability.

A sense of retaining my multiplicity and morphing the body’s narrative as a soft resistance to objectification and reductive representations.

A challenge to Alexandrina – as someone who experiences heightened distress over their appearance to look in the camera for more than a minute. A challenge to the viewer to free their gaze from the familiar and identifiable.

First screened as part of GUSH Vol. 1 by Jamila Johnson Small/SERAFINE1369 (formerly Last Yearz Interesting Negro). 

This film is 6m3s.

To book screenings for Sword And Shield. Down. Down. Both Of Them Down or any other Yewande 103 digital works please contact

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