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Many Lifetimes

PREVIEWING on 28th June 2024 at Dance City.

About Many Lifetimes

I am offering a collective moment to witness solos pass between performers. An invitation to hold one another in our watching and our changing. To allow the detail of dancing, the hum and thud of heartbeats, the gentle transformations, the developing of constellations both bodily and cosmic.


Outside, there is a sudden, huge downpour. I am editing a poem and thinking through a new dance work. I am thinking through layers of change whether profound, minor, shocking, wanted. I am again drawn to flooding, being flooded, again sensitive and re-sensitising. I am again wondering about spilling but about gathering too.


My heart. The Ocean. Everywhere splinters.


An image I keep returning to within grief, is to hold my broken heart splinters in an expansive, new network so the task is less about mending and more about holding these pieces suspended in space, as they are; a net of grief and a net of love.


Many Lifetimes is a new live work in the round by Yewande 103 building on our body of work exploring dynamic cycles of loss and healing through watery symbolism.


All under a melting canopy.


Many Lifetimes will be in development throughout 2024 with rehearsals at FABRIC and Dance City. Commissioned by Dance City & Battersea Arts Centre. R&D has also been commissioned and supported by Battersea Art Centre


The work will preview on 28th June 2024 at Dance City.

About Yewande 103:

Yewande 103 is an arts organisation, led by dance artist, choreographer and writer Alexandrina Hemsley. We foreground the overlaps between creativity and mental health, offering tender, compassionate encounters with creativity. These workshops stem from our teams lived experience. In 2021, Alexandrina lost her son late in pregnancy, and offers these workshops to expand conversation, care and connection.

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