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Yewande 103; Transforming overlaps between creativity and mental health in tender, compassionate waysnsforming the overlaps between creativity and mental health in tender,  compassionate ways'


Founder Alexandrina Hemsley started Yewande 103 as a container for her established creative practice and to formalise and expand her values of care, support and connection. 

Our current season (2023-2025) converges around processes of change.


Following the devastating experiences Founder and Creative Director Alexandrina had losing her baby son in 2021, Yewande 103 have partnered with doula Lilli Chambers (Swole) and South East London Local Maternity and Neonatal Services to offer workshops for women and birthing people who have experienced pregnancy and baby loss.


Coming up in 2024, we are working towards a new live, intergenerational work, Many Lifetimes. Performed in the round, Many Lifetimes will centre dynamic themes of change, building upon our company wide themes of embodiment, loss & repair. During the spring, we will spend two months at Dance City developing & previewing the piece.


It is only a dance
It is only an everything
Body shining, shining, shining through
Tip of rib cage catches something light to

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