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Our work lives in our bodies.

Through the connective tissues of dance, writing, film, collage and poetry, Yewande 103 enables Alexandrina to resource, process, explore, share and advocate for multiple ways of embodied being.


She sees her company as a canopy under which lived experience is the guide for making.  

'Yewande' is Alexandrina's middle name. It means, 'mother has returned’. There is a tender determination and commitment to both uphold and further understand intergenerational, cyclical patterns of expression and repair. 

The company ethos blooms around an evolving central question of how to return to intimacy within continual, systemic harms. 

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Y103 Teaser

Y103 Teaser


What Matters To Us

Yewande 103  (Y103) is Black, disabled-led, neurodiverse, survivor-led, and parent-led. Alexandrina works in close partnership with Executive Producer Nancy May Roberts (Metal & Water), reflecting the sensibilities of our overlapping practices. As a duo, we are driven to enliven choreographic spaces, develop discourse and create atmospheres for movement based, access-led practice across dance, arts and mental health.

We see this work as embodied advocacy. We are passionate about sensitive, caring and inclusive frameworks with a particular focus on transforming the landscape for people of colour with long term health conditions. This approach is at the heart of all that we do. 


What We Do

We instigate interdisciplinary projects within contemporary dance film and publications, alongside wider artist and producer development projects.  We also facilitate movement and creative writing workshops in community and social healthcare spaces. 

Yewande 103 is a place to apply and feel a nurturing touch. As if receiving a massage; a pressure that both holds and works, cares and demands, soothes and advocates. 
Our current season (2023-2025) converges around processes of change. Our strands, meeting points and offerings within this are:
  1. Creative Projects
    1. Film/ Moving Image
    2. Writing and publications 
    3. Bespoke invitations and commissions
  2. Maternal/Parental Advocacy
    1. Committee member of Maternity Voices Partnership Lewisham 
    2. Workshops in healthcare settings
    3. Consultation
  3.  Mediation
    1. Alexandrina is an Accredited Mediator having trained at London School of Mediation in October 2023.
    2. Our mediation offer created reparative, meaningful holding spaces to transform workplace conflict.